Pay Per Click Management

ppcmanagementIf you ask seasoned online marketers, they would usually answer that PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the opposite of the “free” clicks that you get with the top rankings via SEO or Search Engine Optimization. PPC is an advertising method wherein you will pay every time a search engine user clicks on your ad. The costs depends on the price of keyword you are going after.

Availing PPC advertising usually means that the search engines will require the client or company to spend thousand of dollars a month, depending on how the big the campaign is, how expensive are the clicks and how tough is the competition. The usual recommendations are usually a little bit “over” what is necessary but it’s a good starting ground. However, how sure are you that what you are spending is just the right amount to get a return of your investment?

Godward Marketing Agency offers you our PPC management service. We will do the following for you:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Campaign Adjustment (depending on budget)
  • Traffic Source Selection (choosing which search engine or service is best to drive targeted traffic)
  • PPC Management (we will manage the campaigns making sure every dollar spent is a sure ROI)

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