Online Marketing’s History And Evolution

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online-marketing-tips-normanizedSimple websites was the beginning of online marketing. Such websites were used as a brochure by businesses. Internet users would only see such sites after they have seen or heard of it from advertisements as well as finding the site from a business card. And then came email marketing. Websites and online businesses thought it would be cool to gather email addresses from internet users as well as their contact details. Using these contact details they have gathered, they would send newsletters via mail or email to inform people about what they have in store for them.

As the number of websites increased in number, websites gradually became more dynamic. Websites aren’t considered as simple brochures anymore. For them to persuade visitors, they added things that would make internet users interested such as content, articles and also images. Moreover, many web masters have begun to study traffic movement over the internet as well as analyse what people want from the websites they visit.

As Google came out as the victor of search engine war, Search Engine Optimization was also brought about. Experts in this field interpreted Google’s algorithm to make sure that the websites they make are pleasing to the eyes of Google. The rise of SEO and Google paved the way to the importance of links to a website. Link building for websites has been known to help websites get the needed boost adwordsin getting better ranks in Google ranks.

The algorithm of Google was updated several times for internet users began to call for better search results for each search they make. In each update, poor quality results are being filtered out. Still, internet marketers found ways on how they can get around this new update. Internet marketing also found new methods through social media. With social media, search engine rank is boosted and links can appear in other ways.

The importance of Google in online marketing also led to various online marketing means. One good example is the use of pay-per-click ads to give businesses and websites better online presence. Blogging also rose to popularity. Blogging has given websites and businesses the additional boost they need in search engine results ranking as well as PR assessment. The numbers of blogs exploded, which led to a massive pool of available links. Niche marketers also exploited blogging by creating blogs that are dedicated to affiliate marketing as well as pay-per-click advertising.

The evolution of online marketing does not stop. This evolution is rapid and will continue to do so as people continue to use the internet.

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