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White Hat SEO – A Clean SEO Practice

As far as SEO is concerned, White Hat SEO is the usage of techniques, tactics and strategies that focus more on the audience instead of the search engines. White Hat SEO also follows the rules and the policies that are set by search engines. A White Hat SEO optimized website focuses on relevance and also organic ranking. The techniques of this method include keyword analysis, proper keyword...

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Online Marketing’s History And Evolution

Simple websites was the beginning of online marketing. Such websites were used as a brochure by businesses. Internet users would only see such sites after they have seen or heard of it from advertisements as well as finding the site from a business card. And then came email marketing. Websites and online businesses thought it would be cool to gather email addresses from internet users as well as...

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Categories Of SEO Methods

Any online business or website would do what it takes in order to market the good and service they have to their target audiences. Among those is SEO. SEO is the use of certain methods, which will help websites get good ranks in search engines. SEO methods are a lot and these methods fall in to any of the following categories: white, black and grey hat SEO methods. White hat SEO are legitimate...

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In SEO, Web Content Has To Be Relevant

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines use algorithms that can determine whether the content is good or not. Fortunately, SEO experts can understand these algorithms just fine. SEO experts know the keywords they need to use for the content and the many times it would be used. Moreover, they also know what they should avoid in order to make sure that the content would be accepted by the...

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Reselling SEO Service Offered In IM Forums

A few months ago, we have already launched a service called Defensive SEO. Last week, we have decided to open up a service for other SEO providers to outsource to us for their SEO needs. It’s been a blast and a bunch have already signed up. You can see the thread...

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