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White-Hat2Any online business or website would do what it takes in order to market the good and service they have to their target audiences. Among those is SEO. SEO is the use of certain methods, which will help websites get good ranks in search engines. SEO methods are a lot and these methods fall in to any of the following categories: white, black and grey hat SEO methods.

White hat SEO are legitimate techniques used in order to give a website a good rank. A good example of white hat methods are proper keyword usage, meta tags and meta descriptions, URLs and original contents. Search engines do not find such method against the rules of ranking websites. Search engines would not give penalties to websites using white hat SEO.

Black hat on the other hand is the opposite of white hat for they use certain methods in giving websites the rank that they don’t deserve. Black hat SEO involves methods like keyword stuffing, content leeching, spamming, cloaking, link farming and many other methods. Search engines would often release updates so that they can stop these methods. Any website caught using such methods would surely be penalize by search engines.

Grey hat SEO is a set of methods bordering between what is considered as black hat and what is considered as white hat. Such methods are risky compared to white hat, but aren’t going to cause any penalties like black hat methods. Grey hat methods are considered acceptable but these methods are abused so easily. Such methods are morally questionable and ambiguous but are still different from black hat strategies. Paid links as well as duplicate contents are the few examples of grey hat SEO.Off-site-Optimization-factors

When it comes to SEO, there’s always a need to know more about it, especially regarding the legitimate methods and those that are considered illegitimate. With this, any possible penalties from the search engines would be avoided. There would always be legitimate methods when it comes to SEO and ranking websites on search engines. It’s recommended to use these methods in order to rank the website. Any web master should remember that continues penalty would lead to being banned, so they must avoid this thing.

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